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Bold and Beautiful. These are the two terms that perfectly define our collection of Bandhay Moti sets. The statement Bandhay Moti Set is made with carefully tied moti tangled elegantly with charming jewelry pieces that speak elegance and alluring class. 

The Bandhay Moti Set is made with vibrant colors of moti as well as the stones adorning the jewelry piece. It adds to the charm of the whole jewelry as it enhances the meaning and aesthetic appeal of the set of necklaces and earrings. The statement earrings add to the classy appeal of the whole set with their unique designs and stone arrangement.  

The jewelry side of the Bandhay Moti Set consists of an enchanting piece of centerpieces along with supporting jewelry pieces. It entangles the Bandhay Moti in the most entrancing manner to make the whole jewelry embody the charm of moti and stones. The design of the jewelry piece embraces the beauty of Kundans, Latkans, and Jhoomers. 

The designs embrace various shapes like squares, ovals, eclipses, rounds, and more. The designs are based on traditional designs and given it few modern touches to ensure that they fit the modern setting and aesthetics well. Style them with your outfits and adorn their beauty with suitable hair and makeup.

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