How To Style Your Fancy Party Wear Jewellery To Fit Your Aesthetics

How To Style Your Fancy Party Wear Jewellery To Fit Your Aesthetics

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When dressing up for a party, you need to keep zillions of things in your mind to embody your inner diva avatar. Imitation jewellery for women, especially fancy party wear jewellery, is the perfect pair to accentuate your beauty. In this blog, we’ll talk about things to keep in mind when selecting and styling your imitation jewellery for party or a wedding. 

Fashion evolves each day. From quirky jewellery to classic precious metal jewellery like gold. It is our way of self-expression and boosts our confidence so we can flaunt our style. However, keeping up with the changing trends can be strenuous, especially in this economy. Imitation jewellery makes fashion more accessible and flexible to fit varying styles. Following are a few things to remember when selecting or styling your jewellery so it fits your aesthetic appeal. 

Know your style 

The very first step to selecting imitation jewellery is to understand your style. You can identify your style by understanding a few things about your liking. Do you like traditional jewellery? Imitation jewellery with a touch of modern designs might fit your regal appeal. If glamorous fashion is your style, diamond jewellery studded with vibrant colors is perfect. If you don’t like clusters of jewellery, minimalistic jewellery is your best option. 

Mix jewellery to match your style 

There is no limit to how you can style your outfit. With Vijay Kangan’s diverse range of jewellery, you can mix and match different jewellery and designs to plan an ensemble that aligns with your style. You can mix two distinct designs or layers of multiple pieces of jewellery like diamond bangles with antique patla. Go wild with your planning and let your creative side take over, embody your bold personality, and flaunt your style. 

Consider the occasion

The occasion you are dressing for has a great influence on what jewellery you can select and style up. If you love dressing up and looking for office wear jewellery, our 9 to 5 jewellery has a stunning collection of simple yet classy jewellery to wear at your office. Dressing up for a wedding needs more traditional and regal jewellery that elevates the appeal of your ensemble, our wedding imitation jewellery collection is a perfect fit for you. If you want glimmering beauty at night time part, imitation diamond jewellery is the perfect choice for you. 

Consider the occasion when selecting the design of the jewellery. While you can wear a Kundan long necklace designs to your casual hangout, it might not be the best fit. Select a design that fits the needs and aesthetics of the occasion and your outfit as well. 

Balance the jewellery appeal

Balancing the visual elements of your ensemble is the key to captivating visual appeal. Jewellery can surely elevate the beauty of the ensemble, but too much jewellery can downgrade the appeal of the whole attire. Imagine wearing an antique choker set with a long diamond necklace paired with statement earrings and bracelets. Where would you focus? It will make the ensemble chaotic and all over the place.

A simple solution is to balance the size and designs of jewellery. If you have one chunky or statement jewellery in your ensemble, avoid adding more and opt for minimalist jewellery to let the statement piece shine. 

Select jewellery according to the outfit 

The jewellery looks better when paired with the right apparel. A statement or long earrings is the best fit for high-neck collars and a choker set is suitable for a round neck. Antique jewellery is an optimum choice if you are wearing a traditional outfit or want to wear a fusion ensemble. If are opting for a contemporary aesthetic, diamond jewellery is more suitable. 

You can select jewellery that matches the overall color palette of the ensemble. It helps you blend the jewellery with your apparel and create a harmonious balance that’s soothing to the eye. You can also create contrast by selecting different hues that complement one another. 

Accentuate with hair and makeup 

Do not overlook the power of hair and makeup. They support your overall look and accentuate its beauty. You can use the hues of the colored stones to take inspiration for makeup. For a subtle feminine look with diamond jewellery, go with neutral or minimal makeup. 

You can experiment with your hairstyle to match the overall aesthetics of your ensemble. If you are wearing a Kundan necklace set, a hair-up will be more suitable and let the focus be on the necklace. Let your hair be free if you are weaning minimalistic jewellery for a flowy and elegant look.  

Quality is superior 

Jewellery is a one-time investment. You can style one quality jewellery with multiple outfits and occasions. Invest in quality jewellery from the get-go to use it in the long term and get the best out of it. 

Vijay Kangan is one of the trusted names for imitation jwellery, especially with antique jewellery inspired by our rich heritage. We have a diverse range of wedding, regular-wear, and bridal jewellery, something for everyone. Get your high-quality jewellery from the comfort of your home by shopping from our versatile collection of jewellery online. 

Wear it with confidence

One of the main components to slaying your fancy party wear jewellery is to wear it with confidence. It’s true not only for jewellery but any type of ensemble. Your confidence makes a big difference in making or breaking your outfit. Even if you are wearing the most beautiful jewellery and outfit, if you feel low and have slouched shoulders, the visual appeal of the ensemble will go down as well. Flaunt your outfit with confidence and keep your posture right! 


Fancy party jewellery is a must in your closet, especially if you love dressing up. Selecting the right jewellery is a tricky process. From understanding your style to understanding the occasion you are dressing for and planning your ensemble: the clothes to the makeup and hairstyle. Investing in quality jewellery makes a big difference. Not only is it sustainable but enables you to use the jewellery to style different outfits and make a statement. Taking care of these few things can help you select and style fancy jewellery that expresses your personality.