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Trending Kundan And Imitation Jewellery For Wedding In 2024

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This wedding season of 2024, let your inner diva shine with the regal beauty of traditional Kundan jewellery with the touch of modern design. Adorn yourself with the intricate beauty of traditional jewellery that captures the essence of heritage for your special day. In this article, we will talk about how the beauty of the jadau kundan jewellery can elevate the allure of your bridal attire.

The Timeless Treasure Of Kundan Jewellery

Throughout the ages, the beauty of Kundan jewellery has been one of the bridal favorites. Kundan bridal jewellery sets or other Kundan jewellery like a Kundan ring or Kundan pendant sets has been one of the loved jewellery of traditional and contemporary bridal attire. The intricate and enticing designs and vibrant stones adorning the beauty of the bridal ornament add a touch of regality to the bridal ensemble. It blends with your traditional attire and can also add a traditional touch to your fusion or contemporary bridal attire. 

The Captivating Beauty Of Floral Jewellery 

Nature is the perfect inspiration for artificial jewellery for bride. Floral jewellery for brides adds a touch of delicacy and grace to their bridal ensemble. Whether it is a floral watch for bride,  a Floral choker set or any other jewellery that incorporates the beauty of the floral design, it is perfect for the brides to blend traditions with contemporary fashion aesthetics. 

Vintage Allure Of Polki Jewellery 

The beauty of the rough finish of the polki bridal jewellery has taken over the trends for vintage and fusion bridal looks. This trend will persist in the 2024 wedding season as more brides opt for traditional jewellery with a contemporary touch to it. The allure of this ancient art of making jewellery transcends the ever-changing fashion trends and persists as timeless jewellery to make an heirloom. Polki necklace sets are preferred jewellery to elevate the regal visual appeal of the bridal ensemble. 

Antique Choker Set For Brides

An antique choker set is what happens when traditional design meets contemporary fashion trends. Though the beauty of the Kundan choker sets has been loved by royal brides in ancient times, the touch of contemporary design has made them the bridal trend winners for a few years now. There are moti choker sets, jadau choker sets, kundan choker sets, polki choker sets, and other bridal choker sets to equip modern brides with the regal touch. 

The Classic Antique Necklace Set 

The necklace designs have diversified over the ages but the beauty of the antique necklace for brides persists in the 2024 wedding season. The intricate combination of traditional designs with a touch of modern aesthetics ticks off all the boxes of the perfect bridal jewelllery list. Whether it is the moti necklace design, polki necklace, or kundan necklace, this regal beauty is your perfect companion to look like a stellar diva on your special day. The vibrant stones and intricate designs like the nakshi work 

Traditional Antique Maang Tikka

The mang tikkas have emerged as a staple bridal ornament through the waves of ever-evolving bridal jewelry trends. The maang tikka adds a touch of finesse and royalty to the bridal ensemble. Whether it's a jadau maang tikka or the kundan maang tikka, they complement both traditional as well as contemporary bridal looks. The Kundan heavy maang tikka is perfect if you opt for a more traditional and regal look while the small kundan maang tikka adds a touch of delicacy and sophistication to your contemporary bridal ensemble. 

Bridal Patla With A Modern Twist 

The modern brides are embracing the beauty of the traditional patlas to add that regal touch while respecting the heritage. The antique patla is designed inspired by nature and the rich heritage encapsulates the beauty of antique jewellery for contemporary brides. The kundan patla or the jadau patla for brides are adorned with intricate pattern work like nakshi and vibrant stones to blend with your bridal ensemble. 

Kundan Hath Panja For Contemporary Brides 

This imitation jewellery for brides is gaining more and more love from contemporary brides wanting to blend modern design with traditional bridal jewellery options. A kundan hath panja is the perfect adornment for your wrists and fingers to elevate the regal appeal of your bridal ensemble. The delicate hath panja adds a graceful touch to your overall glamorous bridal look. It blends contemporary designs with ancient styles and makes an enticing bridal ornament. 

The Classic Beauty Of Kundan Earrings For Brides

Antique earrings for brides are a staple jewellery for bridal attire. The earrings can give a sleek aesthetic to the outfit and also beautifully frame your face and add definition to the overall look. It is a bridal ensemble and allows the brides to express their unique style as well. There are various bridal earring options such as Kundan earrings, earrings temple jewellery, Chand bali earrings, and more earrings inspired by traditional earrings to add a regal touch to the bridal look. 

The Antique Bangles For Weddings 

Through the ages of bridal jewellery trends the bangles have been a constant since ancient items. Antique bangles have been a part of bridal ensembles and are meaningful jewellery to add to your bridal look. These bangles for women are crafted with modern designs and a touch of traditional craftsmanship to add a regal touch and blend with contemporary aesthetics. 

One side note: This jewellery can also be worn by the bridesmaid or at your loved ones' wedding. There are plenty of designs that are suitable to wear at a wedding that you can find in our collection of antique jewellery. 


The year has begun and so has the wedding season for 2024. There are many aspects a bride needs to take care of, the primary one being jewellery to adorn the beauty of her bridal ensemble. In the modern world, imitation jewellery for brides is growing at a tremendous rate. It is easy to carry and affordable to elevate the regal appeal of their bridal look. The beauty of Kundan jewellery for brides like rings, earrings, necklaces, hath panja, patla, and more complements traditional attire as well as adds a regal touch to contemporary attire. Polki jewellery and floral jewellery are taking over the trends as alternative jewellery for wedding. 

We are dedicated to providing the best quality and trending antique jewellery for brides and other wedding jewellery to walk in your dream outfit and the beautiful you this wedding season in 2024.