Vijay Kangan: Your Destination For Antique Jewellery

Vijay Kangan: Your Destination For Antique Jewellery

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Jewellery has been the best accessories to elevate the beauty of one's attire. In modern times, we opt for fine jewellery with extravagant or minimal designs to thank for technology. But, in ancient times with no modern equipment, our ancestors crafted some of the most beautiful and intricate jewellery. Vijay Kangan allows you to embrace the art of antique jewellery. 

Vijay Kangan is a leading name and a trustworthy place to find stunning designs of imitation jewellery. We have established ourselves as a one-stop destination for regal-looking and aesthetically pleasing jewellery for men and women. We offer diamond and antique jewellery with a diversity of styles, designs, and types of jewellery. 

What Is Antique Jewellery? 

If we go by books, any piece of jewellery created and has existed for more than a century (100 years) is called antique jewellery. But, in modern times we use the term ‘antique jewellery’ for any jewellery that uses ancient techniques and styles of designs. The antique designs have been in an uproar for ages credit to their regal and aesthetic appeal. People have been more drawn to traditional designs and aesthetics especially when styling for traditional events. 

Antique jewellery is among the ever-lasting trends that don’t seem to lose their buzz no matter what other trends are happening. The unique characteristic of antique jewellery is its bold and big design. The gems used are on the bigger side to add to its regal aesthetics and bold appeal. They are styled with ethnic 

The Legacy Of Vijay Kangan

Vijay Kangan has been in operation for more than 25+ years. Starting from scratch they have established themselves as one of the most trusted names in the imitation jewellery industry. Whether it is a heavy necklace set or minimalistic pendants we provide you with a wide range of diamond and antique jewellery products. 

Vijay Kangan has expertise in making stunning and intricate antique jewellery come to life. The antique jewellery here is primarily made with the following styles and designs to give it a regal look and style.  

Jadau work

Jadau is the art of making stunning jewelry from rough or big stones and studding with stripes of metal foil to make some intricate pattern. It is one of the ancient techniques to make jewellery for the royal families. This artwork is used in making antique kundan jewellery like antique necklace ser, antique earrings, antique choker sets, and more. Vibrant shades of stones, motis, and other embellishments are used to create visually appealing antique jewellery with Jadau work. 

Nakshi work 

Nakshi is an ancient art of creating carved patterns on metal to make enticing designs for jewellery. It is one of the characteristics of regal-looking antique jewellery. The nakshi work is used to create flora, fauna, and divine entities designs on the jewellery. It makes the most unique and enticing jewellery designs that elevate the aesthetics of the attire. 

Minakari work 

Minakari is the art of using colored enamel to adorn the surface of the metal. The liquid enamel of vibrant color is added to the surface of the metal jewellery and left to dry up. This creates the most visually appealing designs and jewellery to elevate the regal aesthetics of your outfit. 

Antique Jewellery at Vijay Kangan 

Vijay Kangan is the home to find unique and stylish antique jewellery for women. Following are the diverse types of antique jewellery available for you to choose from. 

  • Antique Bandhay Moti Set: It consists of a necklace and earring combo primarily including bandhay moti strings. 
  • Antique Necklace Set: A beautiful set of necklaces and earrings to go with any of your festive occasion aesthetics. 
  • Antique Choker Set: The Bridal Choker Set makes the perfect statement jewellery to add to your attire on your special day. 
  • Antique Bangle Kada: The bangle kada are unique broad kada for women with intricate patterns of flora and geometric shapes studded with vibrant stones to elevate its beauty. 
  • Antique Bangles: The bangles give your classic bangles a classy and glamorous touch with antique designs of kundan, minakari, and more.  
  • Antique Bracelet: The antique loose bracelet is perfect to add an ethnic element to your outfit. The moti elevates the regal aesthetics of the attire. 
  • Antique Patla: Embrace the traditions in style with this imitation antique patla with intricate patterns of Kundan and embellishments.
  • Antique Watches: The antique watches make the perfect blend of traditional designs and modern accessories. The design makes them the perfect match for your ethnic attire. 
  • Antique Finger Ring: An antique ring with intricate flora and fauna patterns with the most statement design ever.  
  • Antique Earring: The regal-looking antique earring with vibrant stones and intricate patterns. 
  • Antique Tikka: The vibrant stones and intricate arrangement make the antique maang tikka more unique. 
  • Antique Pendant Butti: The pendant butti set is perfect for any festive occasion to put your best look forward. 
  • Antique Juda: The stunning designs and regal aesthetics make them perfect. 
  • Antique Hath Panja: The floral design makes the perfect antique hath panja jewellery for various occasions.

With antique jewellery and varying options, you can embody your aesthetics for the occasion. Whether it is your wedding or a festive occasion, style your glamorous avatar with stunning antique jewllery for women available at our website. 

Why Choose Vijay Kangan? 

Among the sea of imitation jewellery providers, why choose us? Following are a few reasons why Vijay Kangan is your destination for antique jewellery. 

  • Vijay Kangan has 25 years of legacy in making the finest imitation jewellery. Our experience in the field enables us to make the best quality products only. 
  • The collection comprises stunning designs that match well with fashion trends. The designs include intricate kundan, jadau, and minakari work. The jewellery is also adorned with dedicated embellishments adding to their beauty. 
  • The collection of antique jewellery is made with the best-in-market materials and vibrant diamonds. 
  • We offer our products at the most reasonable prices to our customers. 
  • We offer secured payment options. It ranges from online payment options to COD to facilitate our customers. 
  • We ship products to our domestic market as well as to international customers as well.