10 Jewellery Ideas To Wear This Diwali With Vijaykangan

10 Jewellery Ideas To Wear This Diwali With Vijaykangan

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Diwali is here, and so is the season of fashion and dressing up. While you sure will decorate your abode with the finest of the lightning and decoration, ensure that your jewellery game is top-notch. Find the most stunning diamond jewellery for women, along with an enticing collection of antique jewellery for women. 

We are sure that you have figured out your Diwali attire that will make you look nothing less than a phataka! We want to gently remind you that your jewellery is crucial as well. Here are 10 imitation jewellery for Diwali to embody your inner diva. 

Ring For Diwali

The ring is the most classy and basic jewellery to wear on special or festive occasions. They are the perfect accessory to add a little bling element to your attire while elevating its elegance and chic aesthetics. The simplicity of the ring is unbeatable, and it's easy to carry on a busy day like Diwali. 

Whether you like chic diamond rings with modern designs to fit the needs of modern-day apparel or classy old antique rings made with designs popular since ancient times, you can wear them as you like. Both designs have beauty that elevates the appeal of your outfit. 

Earring For Diwali 

You may not like any other jewellery, but a pair of earrings is a must! You have to have a pair of earrings in your closet for festive occasions. It can be your regular-length earrings, a pair of enticing jhumkas, or long earrings for that little dramatic factor to elevate your attire. I remember once I was running super late for my cousin's engagement, and I had just worn this stunning antique jhoomer earring and still looked stunning (no bragging, just facts!). 

The diamond earrings are perfect for a meetup or family gathering. They are classy and add the perfect amount of glamour to your attire. If you want to go for a more traditional look, we have a stunning collection of antique earrings that evoke the regal senses. 

Pendant Butti Set For Diwali 

Are you also one of the people who love the glam of jewellery, but big chunky jewellery is not your style? Yeah, we know the struggle of finding the perfect blend of entrancing jewellery and comfortable designs, that is why we suggest you go for the pendant butti set. The pendant butti set comprises a co-ord design of pendant and earrings. 

One can go for the latest designs and styles of vibrant diamond pendant butti sets made with contemporary geometric and floral patterns. They are a perfect fit for your office Diwali party jewellery or casual meetup on Diwali. If you want to wear something more traditional or are opting for a more traditional look, the antique pendant butti set is the perfect fit for you. 

Bracelet For Diwali 

Bracelets are the perfect elegant jewellery to add to your attire on Diwali. The bracelet is the most stunning jewellery to add the needed simplistic yet chic element to your attire. The bracelets could be thin or broader as per your needs but they should be to your liking. Often these, bracelets are studded with vibrant-colored stones to add the perfect contrast to the gold, rose-gold, and silver color of the imitation bracelets. 

You can opt for a diamond bracelet or for antique jewellery that is often adorned with the beauty of nakshi or minakari work to make them more enticing and Diwali-ready. 

Bangles For Diwali 

Bangles are one of the most classy and ancient jewellery in Indian culture. For ages, women have worn bangles on special occasions and embraced the elegance they behold. The bangles can be adorned with the beauty of vibrant colored stones and the ancient art of nakshi and minakari (enamel work). 

Bangles can add that ethnic touch to any outfit especially if you are wearing an Indian saree or kurta set. The diamond bangles are more suitable for your chic looks. However, the beauty of the antique bangles remains unbeatable in elevating the regal element of the jewellery. 

Watch For Diwali 

If you feel like a watch is a permanent part of your writing accessory, then my friend you are not alone. Wearing a watch is far easier on normal or festive occasions, however, finding the perfect watch that matches your desi kudi aesthetic on Diwali is a handful task. But worry not, we have the perfect solution for you. We present you with the most stunning antique watch adorned with the beauty of nakshi work and studded with vibrant shades of stones. The intricate pattern on the wristband of these floral design antique watches makes them perfect for your ethnic wear. 

Hath Panja For Diwali 

Hath panja is the perfect solution if you want to glam up your outfit but don't want to wear something heavy. The style of this jewellery has been known since the ancient ages. The regal aesthetics of the hath panja is unbeatable and it adds the perfect balance of elegance and modern designs. There are diamond hath panja for those who love traditional jewellery with a modern touch or antique hath panja for the classic Diwali outfit. 

Necklace Set For Diwali 

A necklace set is one of the most classic jewellery to adorn your Diwali outfit. The necklace set consists of a regal necklace piece paired with co-ord design earrings to make the perfect jewellery set to add to your closet. I mean imagine, even if you do not have anything in your jewellery box, a regal-looking necklace set would be enough for many outfits. The diamond necklace set is perfect for a Diwali avatar, however, if you are inclining toward more traditional aesthetics we say you go for antique necklace sets. 

Moti set For Diwali

Moti sets are something that will set you apart from the others. The soft feel of the pearls combined with the intricate design of the piece of jewellery makes the perfect designer jewellery for Diwali. The beauty of a moti set can be worn as a diamond moti-set or antique moti set to fit the aesthetic you wish to wear this Diwali. You can ditch all other jewellery if you have a vibrant stone-studded bandhay moti set. 

Choker Set For Diwali 

It is one of the all-rounder jewellery. If you have no jewellery on but a choker set, you are sorted for the day. The regal vibes of the choker set are the perfect match for the festive glam of the season. Studded with vibrant shades of stones, an antique choker set is your go-to jewellery for a traditional look while the diamond choker set matches the chic aesthetic of modern designs. 


Jewellery is the most crucial part of dressing up, especially for Diwali. While there are many jewellery options available for you to choose from, we here offer you a list of 10 jewellery types that are perfect for your Diwali attire. Whether you wear them as standalone or with other jewellery items.

It includes diamond jewellery and antique jewellery such as rings, earrings, pendant butti sets, bracelets, bangles, hath panja, necklace sets, moti sets, and choker sets. If you love watches, Vijay Kangan’s antique watch is the perfect ethnic wear suitable watch for you. Explore and shop from our collection of stunning and catchy designs of jewellery and make your closet Diwali-ready.